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Wiphold Founders: Louisa Mojela & Gloria Serobe

This week we talk to Women Investment Portfolio Holdings Limited (WIPHOLD) founding members Louisa Mojela (Group CEO WIPHOLD) and Gloria Serobe (CEO WIPCAPITAL). We discuss some of the milestones in their careers, centring on WIPHOLD’s 20 year history, as pioneers dedicated the empowerment of women, and their future plans for the visible empowerment of rural women, especially in the agro-business sector. We acknowledge that women still confront gender challenges in business and discuss mechanisms to reduce these effects, in order for women to be recognised as effective contributors to the economy. We highlight entrepreneurship as an outcome of the enabling environment created by the South African Government’s Black Economic Empowerment policies, which are particularly favourable to women and emphasise that women should embrace these opportunities. Tune in for more…

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