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Fazila Dahall: Former Executive Producer at Channel Africa

This week we are joined by Ms Fazila Dahall, who has been an Executive Producer at Channel Africa (SABC), for both English and French programmes for over thirty years. Reflecting on her career as a journalist we discuss some of her encounters and escapes in war stricken territories, from Pakistan to Afghanistan, in circumstances and territories where the life of a woman holds very little value. We discuss some of her award winning work in Algeria, as well as her social responsibility commitments with the Akbaraly Foundation of Madagascar, which is dedicated to fighting female cancers, bringing life-saving health services to impoverished women in rural communities. We reflect on female leadership in Africa, noting that women represent more than 50% of the continent’s population yet their progress at the socio-political table is much slower than it should be after fifty years of political independence. Tune in for more…

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