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Judge Mahube Molemela: Judge President – Free State High Court South Africa

This week we are joined by Judge Mahube Betty Molemela, the first female Judge President of the Free State High Court of South Africa. Judge Molemela describes her role as Judge President and the independence of the South African judiciary to deliver quality justice. Gender ratios in the legal system, like most sectors in society, are not at parity levels. To a large extent this stems from a history of patriarchy as well as apartheid which precluded women. Today women have many more career opportunities, partly attributed to legislation and the efforts of their female predecessors who have paved the way for equal opportunity. Despite this, women the world over are still underrepresented in key positions and the number of females occupying leadership roles is not where it should be, however progress is being made and gender transformation must continue to advance. Tune in for more…

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