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Judge Sisi Khampepe: Justice of the Constitutional Court of South Africa

This week we are joined by Justice Sisi Khampepe, a Constitutional Court Judge of South Africa, a position she has held since 2009. She is one of eleven judges charged with the duties of upholding the law and the constitution in South Africa. Justice Khampepe reflects on her early career as a young candidate attorney confronting the injustices of apartheid on a daily basis; and her efforts to defend the rights of workers against unjust laws and unfair employment practices, such as reducing the cumbersome requirements imposed on hawkers seeking licenses to trade, and challenging the 24 hour dismissal notices that were imposed on temporary workers without fair hearings. She also shares some of her experiences as a Truth and Reconciliation (TRC) Commissioner and the atrocities that were committed, “where the pigment of your skin mattered more than the humanity of your heart”. In respect of gender equality, Judge Khampepe reiterates that the South African constitution is deliberately gender conscious and it rests upon all citizens to ensure that anyone can advance to the upper echelons of society, so women at all levels of leadership should be vocal and fight to ensure that parity is achieved. Tune in for more…

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