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Judge Monica Leeuw: Judge President – North-West High Court South Africa

This week we are joined by Judge Monica Leeuw, the first female appointed Judge President in South Africa, who currently occupies the role of Judge President of North-West High Court in South Africa. Judge Leeuw highlights some of her responsibilities as Judge President, she expresses her wish that people across the breadth of the country have access to justice and that cases in the court system are finalized expeditiously. Additionally Judge Leeuw reflects on her starting point in the legal field, recalling her time in university as a young law student, when there were just two women in her class studying law and the difficulty thereafter for women to secure positions for articles. Subsequently through the development of South Africa’s legal system and the formation of the new constitution women are no longer hampered by prejudicial constraints. Legislation promotes equal rights and the empowerment of women. But in order for women to advance further they need to empower and support one another. Tune in for more…

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