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Gender Barriers & Enablers in Higher Education: Prof Cina van Zyl

This week we talk to Prof Cina van Zyl, former Chair of the Department of Entrepreneurship, Supply Chain, Transport, Tourism and Logistics Management at the University of South Africa. We discuss some of the barriers and enablers to women’s scholarly development and research in Higher Education. We emphasise that women need to learn how to work the respective organisational systems they find themselves in, create and negotiate their own workable career strategies, be creative in their time management and prove their worth through their outputs – aiming to be indispensible. A one size fits all approach is a one size fits none. Good networks are vital for success and women need to start building them at the beginning of their careers, meeting senior executives and fostering these relationships in the long-term and drawing upon this social capital when the time arises. “Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you respond to it.” Tune in for more…

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