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Former Chairperson of Independent Electoral Commission SA: Dr Brigalia Bam

This week we talk to Dr Brigalia Bam, former Chairperson of the Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa, former Chancellor of the Walter Sisulu University and Nelson Mandela University. Dr Bam relays some of the challenges in the journey of building South Africa’s democracy – unpacking the efforts to register South Africans on the voters role, reaching people in rural and urban areas, co-ordinating the infrastructure required to facilitate voting, motivating political parties to work together, and captivating the spirit of the people in South Africa to embrace the freedom to vote. We reflect on the effects of having more women in decision making roles in parliament. Women in these institutions have the power to change the conditions of other women. Conditions of poverty, gender based violence, poor health, inadequate education, disempowerment and economic injustices are detrimental to the well-being and progress of women. Tune in for more…

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