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Editor in Chief Fairlady & Lose It: Suzy Brokensha

This week we talk to Ms Suzy Brokensha, editor of Fairlady and Lose It magazines. We discuss the sustainability of magazines and their future as they compete against multiple media sources for consumer attention, and the pursuit of niche communities of interest, remarking on pop up publishing as a mechanism to quickly fill open gaps in the market. We consider the democratisation of media, and highlight cautionary consequences of confirmation bias that may lead to a more disperse and disintegrated society by reinforcing individuals’ myopic beliefs. We acknowledge that women in the workforce tend to be judged differently to their male counterparts and are prone to more ad hominem attacks than men. We remark on the need for women to negotiate their salaries and understand their value before embarking on a job. In the quest for gender equality we raise the importance of male-to-male influence to topple gender inequality. Tune in for more…

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