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Editor Move!: Nonzwakazi Cekete

This week we talk to Ms Nonzwakazi Cekete, the editor of Move!, South Africa’s biggest women’s weekly magazine, with a readership of almost 2.4million people. We discuss her rise up the career ladder in media, diligently working her way from the bottom to the top and building a strong personal brand in the process. Nonzwi takes her role as editor responsibly, she is acutely aware of the influence Move’s content exerts on its audiences – dispensing much needed expert advice across various platforms to the Move! community. We acknowledge the power of education to open opportunities for women to advance. We note that inequality still persists in the workplace, especially where remuneration is concerned. To breach gender gaps women have to fight harder, be more vocal, market themselves and equate their worth to currency when they negotiate their contracts . Tune in for more…

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