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CEO Associated Media Publishing: Julia Raphaely

This week we talk to Ms Julia Raphaely CEO of Associated Media Publishing, which publishes both internationally acclaimed and South African brands, ranging from Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, WOW, House and Leisure, Good Housekeeping/Goeie Huishouding, H&L Renovations, H&L Food, SA Lingerie to Cosmo on Campus. We discuss the challenges of transforming an established business to thrive in a radically changed world, striking a balance between keeping the foundation business healthy and simultaneously investing in the future. We reflect on the positive implications for female employees working in a business that was started by and is run by women – glass ceilings do not exist, nor does gender inequality or pay disparity. We consider important traits for women in leadership roles such as confidence, strength of conviction and clarity of focus to make decisions that benefit the business. We emphasise the value of education and mentorship to nurture young women in their careers and urge them to remain hungry to learn, to keep an open mind and try new opportunities. Tune in for more…

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