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Dr Adriana Marais – Theoretical physicist and aspiring extraterrestrial.

This week we are joined by Dr Adriana Marais, theoretical physicist and aspiring extraterrestrial – as one of the 100 Mars One Project astronaut candidates in the running to move to Mars in 2026. We discuss some of her work in quantum mechanics and the depths of discovery made possible by this field, for example applying the perfect efficiency of the inner workings of photosynthesis to human energy technologies. We acknowledge the importance of science to the future of the world, the prominence of STEM based positions in 2020 and the acceleration of scientific progress in Africa. We highlight some of the opportunities available to women for further study via specific bursaries and grants available exclusively to women. We discuss some of the logistics required to send humans to live on Mars more than 200 million kilometres away from earth and how she envisages living life on another planet. Tune in for more…

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