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Chairperson Associated Media Publishing: Jane Raphaely

This week we talk to Ms Jane Raphaely Chairperson of Associated Media Publishing, which publishes both internationally acclaimed and South African brands, ranging from Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, WOW, House and Leisure, Good Housekeeping/Goeie Huishouding, H&L Renovations, H&L Food, SA Lingerie to Cosmo on Campus. We discuss some the childhood experiences that Ms Raphaely’s encountered during the Second World War and her determination to escape poverty and be in control of her own destiny. We highlight the transformative effects of education, particularly tertiary education as a springboard to propel individuals beyond what they thought possible. We reflect on female leadership and persistent inequalities, remarking that women leaders need to systematically attract followers to bring about lasting change. Tune in for more…

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