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Afropop musician – Nhlanhla Nciza (Mafikizolo)

This week we talk to multi-award winning Afropop musician Nhlanhla Nciza from Mafikizolo. We reflect on factors that have shaped her career in the music industry, from her parents, to education, to iconic musicians like Brenda Fassie. We also discuss how events in her life and broader community serve as the inspiration behind her song writing. We recognise the impact of positive female role models on both girls and boys, be it women who serve the public in prominent positions or mothers who instil strong values and morals in their children. However, we emphasise the need for more women to participate in leadership roles, particularly in rural areas, where some women are still undermined. We acknowledge that today women have access to more opportunities than before and encourage them to pursue their ambitions. Tune in for more…

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