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Dean Faculty of Law UCT – Prof. Penelope Andrews

This week we talk to Professor Penelope Andrews, Dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Cape Town. We reflect on some of her motivations to pursue a career in the legal profession to personally make a meaningful difference in society; notably the combined effects of political will to end apartheid and witnessing the daily impact apartheid had on people. Professor Andrews remarks that eradicating racism is easier than eradicating sexism against women; which may be blatant or benign, and perpetuated by women, as well as men, as they attempt to hold on to outdated stereotypical expectations of women. We note that female leadership makes a difference in the lives of girls and women, particularly when it comes to directing and influencing policy. We highlight the positive correlation between a country’s level of affluence and its gender equality status. Tune in for more…

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