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Prof. Debra Meyer-Executive Dean Faculty of Science-University of Johannesburg

This week we talk to Professor Debra Meyer the executive Dean of the Faculty of Science at the University of Johannesburg about her responsibilities in this position, as well as the drive to increase the proportion of women in science, not just the student cohort but senior faculty members too. Prof. Meyer highlights some of the unique aspects of science, emphasising the contributions that scientists make to humanity through landmark discoveries e.g. HIV vaccines. We remark on the strength of South Africa’s pro-gender legislation and constitution, but raise concerns over the lack of universal implementation, and urge women to speak up when they have been affronted. Prof Meyer reflects on a few pivotal moments in her life, from being one of 10 siblings who all attained tertiary qualifications despite their disadvantaged background, her resourceful parents, to prominent women who influenced and nurtured her talent to excel. Tune in for more…

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