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Dr. Ncumisa Jilata Africa’s youngest neurosurgeon.

This week we talk to Dr. Ncumisa Jilata, who is Africa’s youngest neurosurgeon. We talk about her motivations for pursuing a career in neurosurgery, ranging from being fascinated by the central nervous system at high school, to the current shortage and hence market demand for this specialisation in South Africa. We note some of the challenges that young female doctors encounter, and the importance of building self-confidence to overcome both patient doubt and colleagues second-guessing prognoses. Dr. Jilata believes that it is possible to achieve gender equality in her lifetime, starting with changing mind sets, fostering women empowerment movements and encouraging the private, public and academic sectors to work together, as a triad to help bridge gender gaps. We emphasise the importance of strong female role models both in the professional space, at home and the community at large, to demonstrate there is nothing women cannot do. Tune in for more…

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