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Dr. Evelyn Moshokoa – Head of Urology – Steve Biko Academic Hospital

This week we talk to Dr. Evelyn Moshokoa – Head of Urology at the Steve Biko Academic Hospital/ University of Pretoria. We discuss key aspects in her portfolio and a few of the factors that led her to study the male dominated field of urology. We emphasise the importance of nurturing and offering career guidance to young people to steer them in appropriate directions and assist them with the practical know how to realise their dreams. Additionally, we draw attention to the short-sightedness of the education system regarding its policies towards pregnant school goers, making the point that girls must attain an education, regardless of circumstances, to be able to make a success of their lives. We debate the impact of culture and tradition in modern society, acknowledging its positive and negative elements, and the difficulties modern professional females experience as they navigate between old and new worlds of community and self. Tune in for more…

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