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Toya Delazy: Award Winning South African Musician

This week we talk to multi-award winning South African Musician Toya Delazy, who talks about her musical roots and the emergence of her unique genre of jazz electro hiphop. We discuss the inspiration behind her creativity, and acknowledge that contemporary artists “feed” off their surroundings – capturing current moods and moments in their music. We consider the debilitating effects of women abuse and the need to continue campaigning to raise awareness of this issue via bodies like UNICEF. We highlight some of Toya’s other endeavours, from voicing the first black Powerpuff Girl for Cartoon Network; to her role as champion for UNICEF’s Generation 2030 agenda to uplift African children as the future leaders of our continent; to being a descendent of Zulu royalty and the humility required for people in positions of authority. Tune in for more…

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