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Best of Womanity – Women in Unity 2017 – Part 1

This week we reflect on episodes of the past year with a compilation of some the show’s memorable segments on women in leadership, starting with Ms Phuti Mahanyele the Executive Chairperson of Sigma Capital, and former Chief Executive Officer of the Shanduka Group, one of South Africa’s leading investment holding companies. We raise concerns about the perceived regression of women in executive roles, and postulate measures to raise the number of female executives, such as instating gender quotas and celebrating successful businesses with women in executive roles to acknowledge the positive performance of entities with women occupying leadership roles. Secondly, Professor Penelope Andrews, the Dean of the Faculty of law at the University of Cape Town, raises various impediments as barriers to women’s advancement and remarks that eradicating racism is easier than eradicating sexism against women; which may be blatant or benign, and perpetuated by women, as well as men, as they attempt to hold on to outdated stereotypical expectations of women. We note that female leadership makes a difference in the lives of girls and women, particularly when it comes to directing and influencing policy. Lastly, Margaret Hirsch, COO of Hirsch’s Homestore highlights some of the responsibilities associated with business ownership. and shares some tips for aspiring entrepreneurs, such as cautioning against taking out loans, working while others are sleeping, the importance of exercising mind and body, working hard, building networks and social capital, and embracing lifelong learning. Tune in for more…

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