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Non-Executive Director Nedbank & founder of Lima Business Solutions: Linda Manzini

This week we talk to Linda Manzini, who is a non-Executive Director of Nedbank and founder of Lima Business Solutions. We discuss some of the thinking behind her decision to become an investment banker, including being able to unlock economic growth in various sectors and financial inclusivity via financial services – as the engine room of the economy. We consider some of the issues that women confront in leadership roles, which for the forerunners can mean navigating unchartered territories, overcoming cultural stereotypes and perceptions of inadequacy as they push new frontiers. We highlight tools to overcome these challenges, for example, coaching, mentoring, support and opening the door for more women to take a seat at boardroom tables. Ms Manzini further suggests creating a union of women, as a platform for women to stand firm, support one another, and continue developing. Tune in for more…

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