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Non-Executive Director RMB/RMI Holdings & Co-founder of Identity Partners: Sonja De Bruyn Sebotsa

This week we talk to Sonja De Bruyn Sebotsa, who is a non-Executive Director of RMB/RMI Holdings & Co-founder of Identity Partners. Our discussion focuses on economic empowerment of women. We acknowledge the time, sacrifices and effort that were invested to ensure South African women attained their political freedoms, but in order to fully maximise those rights they need economic access. We discuss the business case for greater representation of women in the corporate sector particularly in leadership and decision-making roles – notably more diverse companies outperform less diverse organisations. Women who are seated at the table are positioned to open the doors for other women to access organisations. We recognise male champions who are committed to make the world more equal, especially those who have ambitions on behalf of their daughters to live in a world with no limits. Tune in for more…

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