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CEO Lereko Investments; non-Executive Director FirstRand, Massmart & Sun International: Dr Lulu Gwagwa

This week we talk to Dr Lulu Gwagwa, CEO of Lereko Investments, Chairperson of Aurecon Africa and non-executive director of FirstRand, Massmart and Sun International. We discuss some of the milestones in her career, like serving on the committee that decided South Africa’s current provincial boundaries; developing policy to transform the construction industry; and managing a R609 million job creation process. Dr Gwagwa’s work addresses issues of spatial equality and highlights the social as well as economic importance of infrastructure. We consider the low numbers of women occupying senior and executive positions in the corporate sector and explore potential interventions, notably sponsorship as a purposeful mechanism to promote talent. We emphasise the importance of education, role models, support structures, affirmation and self-belief as building blocks for success. Tune in for more…

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