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Executive Dean Faculty of Education University of Johannesburg: Prof Sarah Gravett

This week we talk to Professor Sarah Gravett, the executive Dean of the Faculty of Education at the University of Johannesburg. We discuss some of the work that the university undertakes with respect to developing educators who are not only well-equipped to teach, but also possess a strong social responsibility to their wards. We address the need to improve perceptions of foundation level teachers who are instrumental in shaping young minds. We acknowledge that in the knowledge era, information is freely available and teachers are no longer the “sage on the stage”, they have to be enablers that show students how to use knowledge creatively and productively. We reflect on some of the prevailing gender gaps in society, such as pay imbalances and barriers to career advancement for women. We raise awareness of the fact that some women are still constrained by cultural expectations and ingrained patriarchy, which prevents them from embracing opportunities. We emphasise that successful women have a duty to empower other women and support them in pursuit of success. Tune in for more…

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