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Executive Dean Faculty of Education University of South Africa: Prof Veronica McKay

This week we talk to Professor Veronica McKay executive Dean of the Faculty of Education at the University of South Africa (UNISA). This institution is responsible for producing half of South Africa’s educators and over one-third of all tertiary graduates in the country. We discuss some of the educational initiatives that Prof. McKay has been involved in, such as the South African Literacy Campaign, Kha Ri Gude (meaning Let Us Learn), which targeted 4.7 million adults to become literate, and empowered them not only with knowledge but self-confidence, grit and resilience. We acknowledge humanity’s capacity to unlearn dogmas and re-evaluate the way that we think about issues. We consider how this ability has aided the progression of women’s rights in the workplace, highlighting the education sector by way of example. Tune in for more…

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