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Head of Clinical Medicine at WITS University: Prof. Daynia Ballot

This week we talk to Professor Daynia Ballot who is the Head of Clinical Medicine at Wits University; this school hosts nine major departments (Family medicine, Paediatrics, Surgery, Internal medicine, Radiation sciences, Neurosciences, Anaesthesia, Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Psychiatry). Prof Ballot shares some of the responsibilities in this position, and few of her research interests, in particular studying babies born with very low birth rates (less than 1500g) and associated risk factors in order to develop interventions to help their survival. She remarks on the importance of caring mothers to support and nurture their infants during this period. In our discussion on gender equality Prof Ballot highlights the need to win hearts and minds to accelerate change and recognises the role that men play in this endeavour; she also suggests that work spaces could be more accommodating to women with children, for example by offering child care facilities. Tune in for more…

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