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Head of the School of Therapeutic Sciences at WITS University: Professor Judith Bruce

This week we talk to Professor Judith Bruce who is the Head of the School of Therapeutic Sciences at WITS University about some of the complexities of managing the many different disciplines clustered under the School of Therapeutic Sciences in such a way they maintain their individual identities. We discuss literacy as a vital tool in people’s lives for earning potential and highlight the importance of a conducive environment for girls to excel in their learning paths. Prof. Bruce remarks on the influence that female leaders have on the career aspirations of women, but the number of women in leadership roles is far below critical mass. The intersection of patriarchy, poverty, gender are often impediments to women rising into leadership roles. However, today’s female leaders cannot passively wait for things to change, they have to develop self-reliance and agency to make things happen for themselves and in the process take other women forward with them. Tune in for more….

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