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Professor Maryna Steyn – Head of School: Anatomical Sciences WITS University

This week we talk to Professor Maryna Steyn – Head of School: Anatomical Sciences Faculty of Health Sciences WITS University. We discuss her work in forensic anthropology, which primarily involves the analysis of human remains and identification of individuals. We reflect on some of her notable cases and the applications of technology to advance the discipline. For example, progression in craniofacial recognition techniques investigated the identity of Mbuyisa Makhubu vs Victor Vinnetou; developing criteria for ageing applications in living people to determine if they are over or under the age of 18, has had significant implications in the judicial system as well as migration and refugee status. We recall her studies of skeletal remains from Mapungubwe, a 1000 year-old archaeological site in Limpopo. We note the rising feminisation of the medical students and emphasise the importance of building a talent pipeline of women to feed into leadership posts. Tune in for more…

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