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Former President of Liberia: Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

This week we talk to the Former President of Liberia – Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. We discuss some of the qualitative achievements that her administration accomplished during her tenure, such as maintaining peace, giving women a voice, and hope to a nation that was in despair. In terms of women in leadership President Johnson Sirleaf remarks that women are always under the microscope, that most environments have been dominated by male leadership, yet women have demonstrated determination to lead in all levels of society: at home, in the church, in business, in politics etc… She further emphasises, that societies where women have been given the opportunity, are societies that succeed. We recap some of her contributions that led to her receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, in recognition of her years of work with women, such as her 50, 500, 5000 program: to construct or repair 50 schools, train 500 teachers, and award 5000 bursaries to school girls. We also discuss her agenda for the future, part of which includes establishing a centre for women who aspire to leadership and developing women in the economic sphere to move their business to scale through access to technology and finance. Tune in for more…

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