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Deputy Minister of Transport South Africa: Lydia Sindisiwe Chikunga

This week we talk to the Deputy Minister of Transport – Lydia Sindisiwe Chikunga – who shares some of the factors that contributed to her pursuit of a career in politics, which ignited in childhood, stemmed from the recognition of deep social injustices and a need to fight the system which rendered the black population unable to fully access resources and participate meaningfully in the economy. The Deputy Minister relays some of her experiences as a young nursing student participating in ANC youth league structures to spread party communications to households, citing an occasion where their mission was to ensure that black students enrolled for matric subjects at higher grade not standard grade, in order for them to attain matric exemption and university admission. We also discuss the South African Network for Women in Transport which concerns breaking barriers for women to enter the transport sector and the myriad of career opportunities available in this field. Tune in for more…

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