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Deputy Minister of Tourism – Elizabeth Thabethe

This week on Womanity – Women in Unity, Dr. Amaleya Goneos-Malka talks to South Africa’s Deputy Minister of Tourism – Elizabeth Thabethe, who has been a member of parliament since 2014. She reflects on some of parliament’s outcomes during South Africa’s transition into democracy, such as changing almost every law in the country and establishing a constitution with a human rights culture. She reminds us that up until 1993 women were treated as minors, requiring permission from their husbands to open bank accounts, to apply for credit and to own a business. Minister Thabethe’s earlier career as a trade unionist set her on the path to fight for women’s rights. During her tenure as Deputy Minister of Small Business as well as Deputy Minister of Tourism she has promoted and facilitated women’s empowerment via programmes developed in the ministries that have resulted in successful female owned businesses. Tune in for more… 

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