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Award Winning Actress – Katlego Danke

This week on Womanity – Women in Unity, Dr. Amaleya Goneos-Malka talks to award winning actress Katlego Danke. We reflect on some of the memorable characters she has portrayed in productions, as well as her choices to tell the stories of strong black women and in doing so demonstrate what women can do for themselves and what women can do for other women – especially those in positions of power. We note the pervasiveness of media as a tool to exert constructive as well as negative impact, and the importance of using these platforms responsibly. We consider some of the changes that are underway at production houses, citing DSTV as a shining example that is consciously uplifting women through particular productions, which is positively influencing  the type of work available to women and the gender pay scale. We highlight the importance of education to hone career skills, especially amongst young women. We also note the need to include men in women’s ongoing challenges of attaining equality. Tune in for more…

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