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Women in mining with Anglo American Platinum CEO Natascha Viljoen

This week on Womanity-Women in Unity, Dr. Amaleya Goneos-Malka talks to the CEO of Anglo American Platinum (AMPLATS), Natascha Viljoen, who sits on the Anglo American Platinum Board and the Group Management Committee of Anglo American plc. She reflects on factors that led to her career in mining, from getting “the smell of the place” as a child during site trips with her father, who worked on gold mines, and drawing on this energy, to a love of science and math which fueled her interest in a technical career, specifically in mining. We discuss some of the targeted empowerment activities that AMPLATS has in place for women, both in the local communities where it operates and the business itself. We remark on the fact that it is possible for women to make an impact and break ceilings in male dominated environments. Women introduce different perspectives, which in turn reshapes the workplace, contributes to diversity and innovation.  Tune in for more.

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