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Prof. Ghada El-Kamah – Clinical Genetics – National Research Centre – Egypt

This week on Womanity-Women in Unity, Dr. Amaleya Goneos-Malka talks to Prof. Ghada El-Kamah who is a Professor of Clinical Genetics, coordinator of The Hereditary Blood Disorders (HBD) and Genodermatoses clinics and research team, Human Genetics and Genome Research Institute (HGGRI) at the National Research Centre (NRC), which is mainly involved in the study of medical genetics with a focus on inherited rare disorders, dysmorphology, community genetics, science management and genetic education.

She shares some of her motivations to pursue a career in the field of human genetics, noting the role the discipline plays in treating vulnerable groups of people. The field of genetics is broadening and today every aspect of medicine includes genetics.  Prof. El-Kamah is a member of several professional organisations and highlights the value of these networks for the growth of individuals and development of the collective, ultimately in pursuit of helping patients.

Prof. El-Kamah encourages women to follow their dreams and develop their own style of leadership to become unique individuals.  

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