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South African Actress Mogau Motlhatswi Activating Social Justice

This week on Womanity-Women in Unity Dr. Amaleya Goneos-Malka talks to South African actress Mogau Motlhatswi, who currently acts in the daily South African soap opera Skeem Saam. Skeem Saam tells stories that reflect the daily realities experienced by people and offers solutions to some of their challenges. For example, discussing government grants and teenage pregnancies. Mogau describes aspects about the character she plays, Mapitsi Magongwa, and how important it is that women are appropriately portrayed in media, that their voices are heard and adequately represented.

Mogau studied audiovisual communication at the University of Johannesburg and emphasises the importance of tertiary education from networking to knowledge gain. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Tune in for more….

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