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Commemorating Africa Day 2023 with inspirational Afrosoul Singer Lira

Africa Day is celebrated on the 25 May and to commemorate this occasion, today’s broadcast is dedicated to two of the greatest supporters of this radio program, the late Mr Lungi Daweti who was Channel Africa’s program manager and Mr Solly Phetoe who was the station manager, they strongly believed that women are the backbone of our continent.

In their honour we re-run the original podcast we recorded few years ago with award winning Afro-soul vocalist and songwriter Lira. This conversation reflects on some of her career highlights and factors contributing to her success. In the process we reveal evolutions in music industry over the last decade, with musicians becoming increasingly independent and owning more elements of the industry value chain; we reflect on turning challenging circumstances to your advantage by adjusting your perspectives of situations; we emphasise the enabling effects of education as an enduring and indispensible tool for personal progress; we acknowledge the importance of female role models and mentors to inspire young women to fulfil their goals. Tune in for more…

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