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Breast cancer awareness with specialist surgeon Dr Liana Roodt

This week on Womanity-Women in Unity, Dr. Amaleya Goneos-Malka talks to Dr. Liana Roodt who is a specialist general surgeon with a passion for cutting-edge breast care and surgery including breast conserving cancer surgery. Part of her practice’s value proposition is to offer not just surgery but access to a complete package of breast and personal health. During a cancer journey, at times patients are at their most vulnerable, but also at their absolute bravest and courageous.

In recognition of breast cancer awareness month, this show continues to raise awareness of breast cancer and living with breast cancer. Statistically one out of every eight women will face a breast cancer diagnosis during her lifetime. The high incidence of breast cancer makes it one of the most researched types of cancers which leads to improvements in diagnosis and treatment. For some people receiving a cancer diagnosis is a point of confronting their mortality, dealing with fear and then going through the process of grief (denial, anger, acceptance). For women, who are generally care providers in the home, there is a necessary adjustment where they shift roles to be taken care of. In Dr. Roodt’s practice she emphasises holistic treatment that is interdisciplinary, including access to a psychologist, physiotherapist, body talk therapist, nutritionist, somatic therapist etc… This basket of services comes at cost, which may be financed in the private health sector for those with medical aid.

However, the majority of the South African population rely on the public health sector, where there are often long waiting times for breast cancer patients to receive treatment. To help address this need Dr. Roodt created Project Flamingo where on a weekly basis surgeons and anesthetists volunteer their time and skills at key academic hospitals in the Western and Eastern Cape to conduct lifesaving operations. There are several ways that people can support Project Flamingo, from monetary donations to packing pamper packs to volunteering their time.

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Take action for breast cancer awareness, for yourself and others, support and help women today.

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