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Professor Amanda Dempsey: Head of the School of Accounting at the University of Johannesburg

This week on Womanity-Women in Unity, Dr. Amaleya Goneos-Malka talks to Prof. Amanda Dempsey who leads the School of Accounting at the University of Johannesburg, prior to this role she served as Executive Dean of the Faculty of Economic and Financial Sciences at the University of Johannesburg. She is a Chartered Accountant registered with SAICA (South African Institute of Chartered Accountants), holds a BCom and MCom in accounting. This year she received the SAICA Chairman’s Difference Makers Award for Academia.

She reflects on pivotal moments and values that have shaped her as a person and contributed to her career path. For example, establishing a strong network of female friends that have been cheerleaders for each other and encouraged professional growth. Prof. Dempsey highlights how women’s rights in the workforce have transformed since the 1980s, for example, she couldn’t join the institution’s pension fund, she was not entitled to a medical aid allowance and did not receive a housing subsidy. Today she chairs the University of Johannesburg’s pension fund which manages approximately R4bn.

Prof. Dempsey is conscious about nation building and developing people’s potential. One of the pioneering programmes she was involved with is the Thuthuka programme, which aims to produce black chartered accountants that contributes to the economic and social upliftment of themselves and South Africa. This professional qualification enables women to choose jobs that fit their lifestyles and ambitions, whether it’s a career in corporate or being self-employed.

Part of Prof. Dempsey’s success has been viewing challenges as opportunities and embracing every opportunity that comes her way. They open more doors. One of her mottos in life is “Just Do It”.

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