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Dr Maduoe Aphane: Ophthalmologist and former Head of Ophthalmology at 1 Military Hospital

This week on Womanity-Women in Unity, Dr. Amaleya Goneos-Malka talks to Dr. Maduoe Aphane, who is an ophthalmologist in private practice and former head of the Ophthalmology Department at 1 Military Hospital, which serves military personnel and their dependents. Dr. Aphane discusses some of the factors that motivated her to pursue ophthalmology as a specialisation, in part personal safety, as a woman working in South Africa, was one consideration. Dr. Aphane describes how rewarding her profession is when being able to restore someone’s vision and often their independence too.

Dr. Aphane sheds light on some common eye disorders and the need for greater public awareness to encourage people to screen their eyes and catch problems early enough to prevent blindness. We discuss the uneven distribution of eyecare centres in South Africa, particularly underserved rural areas. Additionally, Dr. Aphane remarks on cultural beliefs where people think their ailments will go away without treatment. Another point of concern is the impact of long delays in the public health sector, which can result in minor disorders becoming major problems.

Dr. Aphane reminds us that we live in a competitive world, and equipping yourself with knowledge through education may give you an edge, but lasting economic empowerment comes from being independent, with the ability to create your own employment – not rely on someone else. At the same time, she implores people to give back and lift others up.

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