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Miss South Africa 2022 – Ndavi Nokeri – Inspiring, Empowering & Authentic

This week on Womanity-Women in Unity, Dr. Amaleya Goneos-Malka talks to Miss SA 2022, Ndavi Nokeri. We discuss the deliberate steps she took towards her Miss SA 2022 journey by becoming a woman she considers worthy of the title; someone who is educated, is able to lead, stand up for her convictions and give back to her community.

Her Gabaza village roots frame her perspective of contrasts and social inequity in South Africa. Poverty affects us all. However, #education has the power to disrupt poverty within a generation and change the course of a person’s life, that of their family and society. 

Ndavi advocates for education equity and recently launched her Ed-Unite campaign, which plans to raise R6million by January 2023 to finance a series of initiatives that extend from human development to upgrading infrastructure and providing financial aid.

She shares some of the responsibilities associated with being Miss SA, such as serving as a role model, contributing to changing society and proudly representing South Africa. She reminds us not to see things in our path as obstacles but as opportunities to grow, and to hold ourselves accountable to achieve our respective goals. Tune in for more…

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