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Minister of Water & Sanitation South Africa: Nomvula Mokonyane

This week we are joined by Nomvula Mokonyane, South Africa’s Minister of Water and Sanitation. We discuss the personification of work in the department, through women, under the slogan, “Water is Life, Sanitation is Dignity”; the social impact of water in communities; the efforts underway for sustainable use of this scare resource – including reviewing water ownership patterns, trans-border collaborations, implementing best practices and recycling. Additionally Minister Mokonyane addresses the evolution of women’s rights in the past 20 years, from archaic patriarchal laws that relegated adult women to the status of minors, to movements that sought to achieve freedom embracing non-sexism, non-racism, non-discrimination of religion race or creed, and the need for women to voice their concerns to authorities to effect changes. Tune in for more….

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