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Women in Leadership – Reflections from 2021

Welcome to Womanity Women in Unity, this is our final broadcast of 2021 and we use this show to share some of the lessons learned from female leaders about leadership. The Ambassador of Norway Dr. Astrid Helle remarks on the types of societies that accept female leaders and some of the characteristics of successful women in leadership. Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation Candith Mashego-Dlamini discusses the negative effects concerning global issues and gender inequality if women do not take up leadership roles, and comments on some of the initiatives various countries have adopted to reduce gender inequality; Member of Parliament Liezl Van der Merwe from the Inkatha Freedom Party shares her thoughts on what is needed to ensure more women make it to the top of their fields. The former CEO of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange Nicky Newton King talks about the competitive advantage of diversity in business and the value leaders attain from embracing it. Head of the Centre for Vaccines and Immunology in the National Institute for Communicable Disease Dr. Melinda Suchard cautions against self-sabotage, often the hurdles we perceive are in our own minds rather than being an actual physical barrier, people want you to succeed, you just need to say what it is you need; people will support you. Tune in for more.

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